Free event teaches cyber security for kids

Posted at 7:21 AM, Jun 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-13 10:21:10-04

A free event happening in Rancho Bernardo Tuesday evening hopes to arm parents with the latest cyber knowledge to protect their kids on the Internet.

Jon Moffat runs Cyber Education Consulting, teaching groups and individuals cyber safety.

His goal is to get parents and kids on the same page and get the conversation started about safe internet usage. He says parents must tell their kids they don't have privacy on the Internet.

Penny Stephenson, an Oceanside mother, first saw his presentation at the school she taught and said it was eye-opening. She decided to hire him privately when her son wanted to start a YouTube page. Moffat taught her the value of creating a contract and setting boundaries. If her son's grades slip, he loses privileges to work on the page.

For her youngest son, he's not allowed to chat with anyone when playing online video games.

At night, all technology is put into one room, and can't be used after dinner.

"In order for me to set rules and boundaries I need to be knowledgeable myself," said Stephenson.

Families can attend his presentation for free Wednesday and are encouraged to bring their children. It was organized by the Rancho Bernardo Community Council.

Tuesday, June 13
The Remington Club 1
16925 Hierba Drive in Rancho Bernardo