FIRST SIGHTING: Creepy clowns spotted in Poway

Posted at 11:25 PM, Oct 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-06 11:36:40-04

POWAY, Calif. -- The creepy clown phenomenon sweeping the U.S. is now in San Diego.

Drivers reported seeing people dressed as clowns on Midland Road near the Hamburger Factory in Poway Wednesday. Dylan Weese said his dad was coming home from coaching Wednesday night when he saw the clowns. He had to swerve to avoid hitting one of them.

"He's not like a big social media guy, so he was like kinda freaking out, he didn't know the whole spiel on Twitter so he was like, 'what the heck,' he had no idea," Weese said.

Another man who didn't want to be identified told 10News one of the clowns charged his car. He said he saw three people dressed as clowns sitting on a railing near the Hamburger Factory. When the clowns saw that he was recording them with his phone, he says one of them rushed his car.

" I was like, 'oh, just a bunch of kids playing around doing the clown deal,' and I was still OK with it," said the man. "I was like, 'oh they're just running up to my car, they're going to squeak their horn or something.' But then, when he actually hit my car, I was like, 'oh, that's not cool.'" 

He said they left a scratch on his car. He said he was just talking to a friend about the clown craze moments before he saw them.

"The fact that I was literally talking about it 5 minutes ago, on a dark a street about clowns popping out and then all of a sudden, I see clowns. It was kind of interesting to see the interaction,I wouldn't say I was terrified, but it was definitely alarming," said the man.

Sheriff's deputies say they found two 16-year-old kids wearing clown masks in the area. The teens said they were just joking around. The deputies sent the kids home.  They said they were not aware of what happened with the man's car earlier in the evening and it's unclear if the same "clowns" were responsible.