Fed up resident confronts suspected vandals

Posted at 4:27 PM, Sep 17, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-17 19:27:21-04

A Golden Hill homeowner is fed up with graffiti in his neighborhood park, and he's now taking matters into his own hands.

Andrew Baker can't take it anymore. He told 10News, "Honestly, I've been so frustrated with the increasing amount of tagging I decided to confront them."

Baker walked up to a woman in Golden Hill Park, with his smartphone recording video, and asked her to stop what she was doing. Baker claims she was tagging a light post using a Sharpie.

"Even as angry as I was, it felt terribly awkward to look into the eyes of someone who I'm pretty sure, maybe, they were in their mid-20s, and explain to them that tagging's not OK," Baker said. "That feels like something an adult shouldn't have to say to another adult."

He said he's reported the graffiti over and over since the problem picked up a year and a half ago. Sometimes, he said, the city responds immediately, but he also said there are markings he reported months ago that he still sees while running and walking his dog.

"I would love to know that their conviction requires them to clean up graffiti in the same area, ideally," Baker said.

Police ask residents to take a photo of graffiti and report it immediately.

A city spokesperson told 10News that Parks and Recreation workers patrol the area weekly for markings and clean up reported graffiti within two working days.