FBI documents detail crime spree by 'Grinch Bandits'

Posted at 11:27 PM, Jul 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-17 08:31:24-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- The  FBI says the "Grinch Bandits" robbed 12 different businesses in San Diego County. It's been seven months since they last hit, but the case is still open. Monday, 10News received a document offering insights on the investigation. 

The 25-page document details each of the 15 armed robberies - like the Valero targeted last November, where one of the men pulled a shotgun out of his pants. The FBI believes at least three black men in their 20s committed the crimes, but no more than two at a time.

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The FBI has identified two the of "Grinch Bandits" - Lorne Turman, known as "Lolo, and a man named Leandre Bickham.  

A Godfather's Pizza restaurant in Spring Valley was robbed three times, according to the FBI.  Thieves got away with more than $1,000. 

During multiple robberies, agents say Turman would pull a shotgun from his pants, point it at an employee, while Bickham would demand money from the register.

In one instance, investigators say Turman shouted, "Don't move! Give me the money or I'll shoot you!"

FBI agents believe the pair also robbed a K-T Donuts in Spring Valley - one of the suspects jumping over the counter and ordering employees to the back of the kitchen.

On December 22, two robberies happened 20 minutes apart in Bonita. The robbers hit Robinwood Market and then Espana Liquor - where agents say an employee was hit with a shotgun, grabbed and dragged into the back of the store.

The final robbery was at a clothing store in Chula Vista on Christmas Eve.  When Bickham was arrested, the FBI says he had a backpack containing clothes worn during some of the crimes. 

The FBI is now requesting phone records that investigators hope will help them identify more suspects who may have been using their cell phones to coordinate a robbery.

In total, the robbers got away with more than $4,400. Turman has confessed to four of the crimes. The FBI confirmed to 10News, both Turman and Bickham have been arrested. The FBI is working with multiple agencies on this investigation.