Father shows teens the dangers of drinking and driving

Posted at 11:39 PM, Mar 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-22 02:41:48-04

A San Diego father shared his family's his heartbreaking story with teens Tuesday night, hoping their tragedy will save another family. 

Hundreds of teens were there as the determined father showed them firsthand how drinking and driving can ruin lives.

Jacob Wallis will never forget the day his son almost died.

"The worst phone call you could ever get," he said. "October 18, 2010, my son was hit by a teen drunk driver."

The shattered stroller shows just how hard the car hit baby Izaiah and his grandfather.

"Izaiah was strapped into a stroller, he was thrown out of his stroller into a stop sign. Knocked down the stop sign," Wallis said. "His grandfather went flying in a different direction."

Both somehow survived. Today, Izaiah is still paralyzed, with traumatic brain injuries. His dad takes care of him 24/7. 

"It's nothing easy. And it was all because a teenage drunk driver decided to go out drinking with his friends," Wallis said. 

Jacob especially wants to drive that point home since spring break is close. He hopes his families struggles will save someone else the heartbreak he's gone through.

"He was robbed of his childhood," Wallis said. "He doesn't deserve this, nobody deserves this. I just gotta keep him as happy as possible."

Izaiah turns eight next month. Jacob says he is getting better, and they hope someday he'll be able to walk again.