Fans torn about removing Chargers tattoos

Posted at 7:41 PM, Jan 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-12 22:41:30-05

It's been a tough time for many Chargers fans, including those who have anything team-related on tattooed on their bodies.

If the team does leave San Diego, what are fans doing about their tattoos?

Chargers fan Johnnie Case told 10News anchor Itica Milanes, "[The] San Diego Chargers [are] like a part of my heart."

The team is also a part of his right arm.

"I got it done in Iraq in 2004," Case said, referring to a large tattoo of the Chargers' lightning bolt logo and "SD" underneath it.

The navy blue ink leaves no doubt about this Army war veteran's allegiance. Although he never imagined his beloved team would ever leave his hometown, Case said he wouldn't think about removing the tattoo.

"No, no, no. It means a lot to me. To me it's more the players, the team," he said.

At Absolute Laser Tattoo Removal, Dr. Eric Korsh is expecting a wave of bitter Chargers fans wanting to remove every vestige of Bolts ink.

"It's the same as someone having the wrong name stamped across their back and then they're marrying a different person," Korsh said. "They want that tattoo gone."

Fan Carlos Castro said if the team moves, so will his tattoo.

Case added, "My wife's cousin Eddie has that old horse and shield on his forearm and he said if they leave he'll get it removed."

For Case, it's about the memories.

"When I put something on like this, it means a lot to me. So why would I get them removed? They're always going to be San Diego Chargers to me," Case said.

There is new technology that is less painful and doesn't require as many laser sessions for tattoo removal.

Korsh said his lasers even pulverize the colors that are harder to remove.