Family sees daytime burglars leaving their home

Theives got away with wedding rings, electronics
Posted at 11:27 PM, Sep 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-22 02:28:28-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- A San Diego family wants to warn other about daytime burglars who may be posing as door-to-door salespeople.

The Alvarado family just moved to a home in Allied Gardens. It is a safe neighborhood, but they noticed there are a lot of solicitors.

Tuesday afternoon they were burglarized by a couple of young men wearing matching outfits.

“I left the house for 25 minutes to pick up my daughters from school," Vanessa Alvarado said. "When I was coming down the street I noticed two young men walking quickly down the street, from my driveway, carrying both my guitars."

Her daughters were also in the car as they drove up to their home, and burglars.

“They looked up and saw me. They knew who I was,” Alvarado said. "They knew my car and they just sped down the street, made a sharp right turn."

One of her daughters noticed the young men’s matching clothes.

“I think they looked like salesmen. I noticed one of the had a binder in his hands with several things on top, which turned out to be my personal belongings,” Alvarado said.

The home was locked at the time of the burglary.

The thieves went into the backyard and broke in through a bedroom window, which was open a few inches but had a stopper device on it aimed to prevent anyone from opening the window further.

Regardless, the thieves pried off the screen, and pushed the window open.

The men made off with numerous items, including guitars, Kindles and jewelry. They left no fingerprints.

“I went from trying to be strong for my daughters to realizing my wedding rings were gone and at that point, my heart just shattered into a million pieces,” Alvarado said.

Now, the family is getting security cameras and they have dowels in the windows so they can't be opened.