Family hires private investigator over death at Ocean Beach Pier

Posted at 11:14 PM, May 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-04 14:05:30-04

The family of the man who died after jumping off the Ocean Beach pier has hired a private investigator to figure out exactly what led up to the deadly jump.

Special Investigator Josh Chandler says Kevin Moyers was visiting San Diego from Nevada, when he and his girlfriend had a run-in with a group of men that ended with either his hat or backpack being thrown off the pier.

"Easily 100 yards off shore," Chandler said. "Before his girlfriend knew what was happening, he was jumping into the water allegedly to retrieve those items."

Moyers never came back up and no one was ever arrested. His family hired Chandler to piece together what drove their son over the pier.

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"Her son would not do this, he would not dive off a pier at 9:30 p.m at night in his right mind in heavy surf, and it's just not something he would do," Chandler said. "They wanted somebody on the ground who is going to keep up with this and ensure that you know no stone is left unturned."

Chandler is working to re-interview witnesses and find new ones.

"There's a ton of questions, not a lot of answers."

People with information on what happened can contact Chandler at Justice Solutions Group.