Sending a message? Backyard chicken slaughtered

Posted at 10:10 PM, Dec 16, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-17 18:04:57-05

CHULA VISTA -- A Chula Vista woman says someone snuck into her family's backyard, slaughtered their chicken and left it hanging by its legs.

Daniel and Connie Rockholt have been raising chickens in their backyard for years. They raise them for their own fresh eggs.

Every morning they check the coop and last Saturday morning they say what they found was both gruesome and terrifying.

“See where that white chicken is, that's exactly where we found the other chicken," said Connie, pointing to the area in the coop where they made the discovery.

“Its skin was torn off on the side where you could see its rib and then when I lifted it up to see its head, there was no head, looked like somebody had twisted it off,” said Daniel. “It looked to me like evil, like something Voodoo or some sort of satanic thing.”

Connie believes that it could have been retaliation over a parking dispute she had with a neighbor who she says told her this -- “I'm going to make sure that you get rid of all your chickens,” wagging her finger.

The family says police are now investigating the case as animal cruelty and they are now living in fear.
“Whomever had the nerve to do that has the nerve to do something else,” said Connie.