Fallbrook grandmother's defense halted by medical episode

Cdebacca clutched chest during painful testimony
Posted at 6:54 PM, Jan 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-31 21:55:26-05

VISTA, Calif. — A Fallbrook grandmother celebrated after shooting and killing her daughter's husband, Geoward Eustaquio. 


During her murder trial 66-year old Cynthia Cdebacca had a medical episode while listening to painful testimony by a family friend.


Patricia Aguigui testified Eustaquio was violent and sexually abusive to his wife.  "I drove her to the hospital, he did horrible things to her, sexual things to her," Aguigui said.    


Aguigui also told jurors the stay-at-home dad had trouble keeping a job. She testified he was mean to Cdebacca and would often hose her down with a garden hose as punishment.  


Prosecutors allege Cdebacca shot her son-in-law following an argument in February 2014.  Cdebacca told police Eustaquio made fun of her outfit and told her she looked "ghetto."  


The grandmother admitted to shooting Eustaquio 12 times, stopping to reload. She fired shots through the kitchen door when he crawled away and begged for mercy. 


Cedebacca told police she was glad he was dead.


She claimed the former sheriff's deputy and Air Force reservist choked her daughter on a regular basis and the family was living in fear. 


During a police interview she threw her hands in the air and said she was glad he was dead and she would kill him again. 


She told police she would do anything to protect her daughter and that Eustaquio was evil.


After the shooting Cdebacca treated herself to a meal at Denny's and then visited a local casino before heading to her favorite coffee shop. 


Cedebacca left the court room complaining of pain in her side. 


The judge ordered that she be examined by a doctor and sent jurors home. 


If Cedebacca is well enough, her murder trial will resume tomorrow.  Her daughter is expected to take the stand.