Fallbook H.S. blocks media from gun threat meeting

Posted at 11:50 PM, Mar 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-23 02:53:16-04

Parents of students at Fallbrook High School demanded answers from school officials Wednesday night. They want to know what the school is doing to keep students safe, after two credible gun threats on campus within two months. 

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“How is our school safe tomorrow. tomorrow how is it safe?” one woman shouted at school officials in a room packed with parents and concerned citizens.

“It’s not safe,” one parent, who did not want to give his name, told 10News after the public meeting was over.

“Whatever the budget problem is, whatever. What they need is the presence of law enforcement on campus,” he said.

Sheriff deputies are on many high school campuses in San Diego, where they are called school resource officers.

There is no deputy at Fallbrook High School.

“As far as SROs are concerned, we are always open to discussion, and it will be discussed,” said Larry Boone, principal of Fallbrook High School. 

On Wednesday, a  three-and-a-half hour lockdown was in place at the school after a report was made to authorities of a firearm on campus.

Boone said, since the gun was found at school they increased the number of guards from seven to nine after three students were arrested in February for bringing a gun to school.

He said staff and students are going to get training.

“It involves hiding and barricading the door if necessary," Boone said. "It also involves fighting back if necessary."

In violation of The Brown Act, reporters were not allowed in the public meeting. After the meeting, Boone said he made the call to keep reporters out of the meeting, which was open to the public, and he was not aware it was illegal.

Some parents booed when TV camera entered the room and then began to leave.Other parents told reporters they were glad the school safety issue was getting media attention.