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Fact or Fiction: Trump's new social media app charging $4.99 a week?

Donald Trump
Posted at 7:36 PM, Feb 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-23 22:36:22-05

(KGTV) — Donald Trump’s new social media app launched this week and rumors going around Twitter claimed Truth Social is charging users $4.99 a week.

But that's fiction.

The claim about the charge was largely based on a screen shot allegedly showing the new app's pricing scheme.

But it did not come from Truth Social.

It's from a different app called 2nd1st which bills itself as "America's social app for truth" and includes pictures of the Trump family on its app page.

Although Truth Social is off to a glitchy start, there are no reports of people being charged a fee to use or download the app.