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Fact or Fiction: Swedish car ships in pieces, assembly required?

Posted at 7:37 PM, Apr 24, 2023
and last updated 2023-04-24 22:37:44-04

(KGTV) — A story that caught our eye claims a new Swedish car is coming on the market that ships in pieces and needs assembly just like IKEA furniture.

It's true.

To save shipping costs, the Luvly micro-car will be sent to its destination in pieces.

But unlike IKEA furniture, the customer won't be responsible for assembling it.

The company will have different regional factories that will be in charge of putting the cars together.

The first model, the Luvly 0, is fully electric, less than nine feet long and has a starting price of about $11,000.

Its top speed is 56 miles per hour.