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Fact or Fiction: Pictures show Ragu's new peppermint alfredo sauce?

Posted at 2:08 AM, Dec 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-22 05:08:26-05

(KGTV) — Pictures going around social media claim to show Ragu's new peppermint alfredo sauce.

As you may recall, a recent picture of Heinz's chocolate-orange mayonnaise turned out to be legit.

But this one is fiction.

The peppermint Ragu is someone's digital creation.

A spokesperson for Mizkan, which makes Ragu, even issued a statement to Snopes saying "We have not launched this product and have no plans at this time to do so.

Our guess is that a holiday elf, having some fun on social media, may have come up with the peppermint-alfredo sauce concept.

And while it's certainly festive and creative, it might not be a fan favorite at mealtimes."