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Fact or Fiction: George Jetson was born in 2022?

Posted at 12:07 AM, Jun 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-30 03:07:23-04

(KGTV) — A social media post going around claims next year, 2022, is the year lead character George Jetson was born.

But is it true? Yes!

The Jetsons cartoon debuted in 1962, and promotional materials at the time said it took place exactly 100 years in the future. So that puts it at 2062.

In an episode that aired in December, George is told by a doctor that he should live to be 150, and George replies that he has 110 good years ahead of him.

That makes him 40 years old in 2062. So yes, by that calculation, George Jetson will be born next year.