Ex-Bob Filner staffer compares him to Trump

Posted at 12:08 PM, Mar 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-10 15:08:25-05
SAN DIEGO – The former chief of staff for disgraced one time San Diego Mayor Bob Filner compared him to Donald Trump in a piece for the Huffington Post this week. 
Lee Burdick served as Filner’s chief of staff during his tumultuous sexual harassment scandal that eventually lead to his resignation in August 2013. 
On Tuesday, the Huffington Post posted a piece by Burdick titled, “An Open Letter to Donald Trump's Sex Harassment Victims.”
In it, she alleges that Trump “has demeaned and sexually harassed women openly for years.”
She goes on to describe what she believes as similarities between Filner’s situation and Trump’s. 
“One of many things I learned from personal experience after the forced resignation of San Diego Mayor Bob Filner for sexually harassing his employees was that there were many, many more women who suffered his loathsome sexual pursuits but who never came forward publicly. Filner was elected mayor of America's seventh largest city in November 2012. By the time he resigned his office nine months later, almost 20 women-including three city employees and volunteers under his direct and indirect supervision-had publicly revealed Filner's offensive sexual behaviors. Ten women claimed he had touched them inappropriately, from lingering hands on the knee, pulling them too close and stroking a cheek to unabashedly groping their butts. Three women were isolated -- one in the corner of a restaurant booth -- so he could try to force kisses on them. Seven complained that he had repeatedly requested dates and made other inappropriate comments, telling one woman that he had fallen in love with her during their only meeting at a public event.
“Despite those numbers, I found that virtually every woman I talked with had a "Bob Filner story" that continued to affect them and the men in their lives long after. These women included high-profile media personalities, elected officials and public leaders, among others. While Filner never harassed me, as his chief of staff, I endured a different nightmare fighting off his rage-aholism and his sexual pursuit of his executive assistant virtually every day he came in the office. It has taken me years to put that experience into perspective, which then morphed into a book on sexual abuse of power in our highest political offices.”
Burdick has written a book about her experience as chief of staff titled “Bob Filner's Monster: The Unraveling of an American Mayor and What We Can Learn from It.