Elite Navy parachute team shows us how it's done

Posted at 6:48 PM, Jan 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-18 21:48:27-05
JAMUL -- The elite U.S. Navy parachute team known as the 'Leap Frogs' is training for their performance season, which starts in April.
10News got a rare look at how they gear up, and 10News producer Briley Ochs got to jump out of a plane with them. 
"I'm just signing my life away right now," Ochs said as she signed the paperwork. "I'm shaking right now."
Her knuckles were white and her nerves were sky high. The team invited her to jump with them a year ago after being on 10News, and they made good on it. 
They said some people puke and most scream. What I learned is Ochs is a nervous laugher, and she could not seem to stop.
"I'm trying not to be nervous," she joked as safety officer James Woods strapped her in.  
"I'm trying not to be nervous too," Woods said with a chuckle. 
The two would do a tandem jump. They were headed up 13,000 feet. 
"I don't have an issue with heights," Ochs said. 
"I do," Woods responded. 
That fear did not stop Woods from serving as a Navy SEAL for 21 years.
The elite team of 10 is based at Naval Air Station North Island. 
They look as cool as they come as they parachute into events and stadiums across the country. They do it to represent our military and inspire more people to serve. 
For Ochs, as a producer who sees it all, doing this gave her a new appreciation for what the Leap Frogs do. 
 "Oh it was so awesome!" Ochs said with laughter.