8 cats killed by coyotes in Kearny Mesa

Posted at 6:32 PM, Jun 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-06 21:32:22-04

Residents in one Kearny Mesa neighborhood are getting a grim reminder that coyotes don’t live too far. 

In the last two months, coyotes have killed eight cats roaming around the Kearny Lodge off Convoy Court and Interstate 805. 

10News spoke to one family about losing their cat Moomoo.  

"They're companions and there's no condition for their love for you,” said Denise Cline. "You don't realize it's not just a pet, it's family."

Cline constantly thinks about what happened last Tuesday outside her home. Her husband had gone out for a smoke around 1:30 a.m. He didn't think anything of it when MooMoo walked out, since she'd normally go back in for the night.

"He tried to call in, but she wouldn't come in. She took off in the darkness,” added Cline.

Her husband went back inside thinking Moomoo would return. Then about an hour later, her neighbor Erik Mendoza woke up to loud noises outside. By the time he got to his window, it was too late.

"The cat was in the jaws of the coyote and the coyote was just strolling along the grass. And the cat was just dangling with its paws like this. It was pretty sad,” said Mendoza.

The next morning, Cline felt something happened to Moomoo. When she went to do some laundry that day, her biggest fear was confirmed.

"Two streets down, I looked over and there was her body in somebody's yard. So I went and picked up her carcass, what was left of her,” said Cline. 

From Cline’s home to the nearest canyon or wooded area is about three to four football fields.

"For him to come this far and to have it die like that, I mean I relive that over and over and over,” said Cline. 

It’s a hard lesson that she hopes everyone would learn from, no matter where they live.

Management at the Kearny Lodge started sending out alerts to residents two months ago. They’ve asked residents to keep their pets from roaming alone. They’ve also encouraged residents with citrus trees to be sure to pick up any fallen fruit because that attracts small animals which attracts coyotes.