Effort on to send packages to military dogs

Posted at 4:40 AM, Dec 15, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-15 07:40:36-05

There is a drive to send care packages to our troops overseas, but it isn't for the men and women.

The Rancho Coastal Humane Society's K9 Care Package Drive is being held at the La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla through Dec. 31.

Jim Silveira, president and CEO of Rancho Coastal Humane Society, had a German Shepherd named Gunner at his side as he talked to 10News about the drive.

"I love this dog," he said.

Gunner risked it all for the U.S., but he was going to live out the rest of his life in Kuwait. Until recently, working dogs were treated like any other tool -- they were left behind once their work was complete.

"It's heartbreaking," Silveira added.

Groups like U.S. War Dogs have been fighting to bring them back from the battlefield for years. Three have gone to the Rancho Coastal Humane Society to go to a loving home on home soil.

Silveira wanted to give back to the group by gathering specific items canines and their handlers need. The plan is to give them to U.S. War Dogs, so they can send them to our furry fighters.

"I appreciate everything that he did," Silvera said about Gunner's four years as a bomb detection dog.

His time at the kennel was short-lived.

"I feel like what I can give back is that warm spot in the house for him not to have to work anymore," he added.

Silveira took him home more than a year ago, and the two have been inseparable.

"It's really beyond words because what they do is so enormous," Silveira said.
Gunner clearly did not need to hear the words "I love you" because he could surely feel it with all the petting and kisses.

You can drop off needed items and drop off unwrapped U.S.-made goods at the hotel. The drop off spot is at Café La Rue on Prospect Street.

A complete list of the items they need can be found here: