Don't be fooled by the fender bender' scam

Posted at 7:21 AM, Mar 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-31 11:39:09-04
OCEAN BEACH, Calif. -- An Ocean Beach woman says she was targeted in a “fender bender” scam this week. 
"I parked my car on Monday morning, and then on Tuesday when I went somewhere, the note was here," Tess Donaldson said. 
In the note, someone scolded her for hitting their car and then threatened to turn her over to police unless she called them right away. 
"'Yo, left a ding on my bumper.'" Donaldson read off the note. "'I have your license number.'" 
Red flags immediately went off. 
"First of all, I remembered parking very well and definitely not hitting anybody," Donaldson said. “I have a plastic bumper, so if I had bumped them, there would be damage on my bumper and I would have noticed doing it.” 
San Diego Police are calling this a "fender bender" scam. They warn anyone who finds a note like this to report it. 
"Multiple people responded saying they received notes, or their friends or family had," Donaldson said. "And that it was always a scam and they try to extort money from you. In my case, my bumper is not messed up so I can prove I haven't done anything."