Donald Trump postpones San Diego rally

Posted at 10:59 PM, May 03, 2016

Sources tell 10News that Donald Trump has postponed his San Diego rally that was scheduled for this Sunday, on Mother's Day.

San Diego Police are still preparing for the possibility of Trump rallying in San Diego in the coming weeks.

If history is any indication, it's almost guaranteed that San Diego can expect protesters if and when Donald Trump rolls into town.

The presumptive Republican Presidential nominee is scheduled to hold a rally sometime this month. The exact time and location is still being planned. In city after city, where Trump goes, drama has followed.

Several sources told 10News that San Diego Police are preparing for all kinds of scenarios to prevent violent protests.

Every division has been directed to provide additional officers for the event.

This includes detectives and a team called the Mobile Field Force. This trained platoon of officers in riot gear is rarely used. We're told the last time the department deployed this team was in 1996, for the Republican National Convention held in San Diego.

They'll be dusting off their hats and bats with a refresher training course scheduled for Thursday. These officers won't be in plain sight. They'll be in a strategic location and called in if protestors get out of hand. Undercover officers will also be mixed in with the crowds keeping everyone involved in the loop.

It was a big win for Trump in Indiana Tuesday. So big it forced his biggest rival Ted Cruz to drop out of the race.

But things can change very quickly in the world of politics. Now, Trump may decide he doesn't need to come to San Diego after all. His visit to Bakersfield was canceled at the last minute. Even so, SDPD is preparing for every situation.