Dogs found locked in crate, sitting in hot sun

Posted at 11:04 PM, Jun 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-17 02:23:34-04

Investigators with the San Diego County Animal Services are trying to find the owner of two dogs that were locked in a crate and abandoned in an alley.

Cynthia Salgado noticed the dogs Thursday morning in the alley near Voltaire and Lotus in Ocean Beach. When no one came for them, she posted on a community Facebook page asking for help.

Samantha Caan lived a few blocks away and ran over to help.

“She came in two minutes," Salgado said "I just told her 'hey, you know what, like, I need help' and she’s just like 'I’ll be there in two minutes.'”

The women and other community members helped load the dog crate into Caan's jeep.

“We didn’t even know if they had eyes," Caan said. "Because there was just so much filth and dirt and matted fur you could not even tell really what was under there.”

They dropped the poodle-mixes off at Animal Services on Gaines Street.

Deputy Director Dan DeSousa said the 9-year-old female was in good condition, but the 5-year-old male had a ruptured ear drum, dental disease, and pounds of matted fur.

“No animal should be left in a crate in an alley unattended," DeSousa said. "It’s uncalled for and unacceptable.”

DeSousa says the female does have a microchip, and they will use the information on it to figure out how they ended up in the alley.

Salgado and Caan are hoping both can be adopted together.

"They’re little champions because they’re ok now and I’m just very happy and content that we could do that for them,” Salgado said. 

“It was really pretty amazing, it was a really special day and I'm hopeful for those two little dogs,” Caan said.