Doctors concerned about online laundry detergent pod 'memes'

'Tide pod challenge' popularity continues to rise
Posted at 2:44 PM, Jan 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-10 09:30:21-05

What began as a social media joke, is prompting concern from doctors and other medical experts about teens consuming laundry detergent pods.

Toxicologist Dr. Frank LoVecchio of Arizona-based Banner Health told 10News' Scripps sister station ABC15 that the online memes have evolved into "challenges" to bite or consume the detergent pacs. LoVecchio said many doctors have seen recent cases of teens intentionally consuming the pods.
The chemical pacs can burn your mouth, lips and esophagus if ingested; but beyond the liquid, there is another concern.
"The membrane around it, when it dissolves, can cause central nervous system depression," said LoVecchio, causing you to become sleepy or fatigued.
Online memes feature photos depicting the laundry pods as a pizza topping or breakfast cereal. Videos posted on Twitter appear to show people biting into the detergent pacs and spitting them out.
A spokesperson for Procter and Gamble, maker of Tide, told ABC15 the company implemented child-resistant packaging for its pods and is working with partners to educate parents on properly storing the containers.
Asked about the social media jokes and memes, the company said: "We have seen no indication of an increase of cases seeking medical treatment amongst infants and teenagers associated with the recent uptick in social media conversation or in consumer calls. Our laundry pacs are a highly concentrated detergent meant to clean clothes, and they're used safely in millions of households every day. They should be only used to clean clothes and kept up, closed and away from children.