Despite protests, businesses open late

Posted at 10:41 PM, Sep 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-01 02:10:35-04

A protestor grabbed our camera the second our crew stepped out of a 10News truck to cover the march tonight. That was after he flipped us off.

So when our team made it across Broadway to Roberto's Taco Shop, it felt like a safe haven. The restaurant is one of the few stores still open tonight as protestors take the streets and SWAT vehicles follow behind on the fourth night of protests in the city.

Juan Morales says he can't complain, because business is doing well. It's lights out at the Subway next door, where they closed 90 minutes early. The Starbucks on the other side closed around 2 p.m., and put up a sign reading, "Sorry, we're closed" 6.5 hours before they typically call it a day.

“It’s been good been a little bit busy,” Morales said. "Everybody closed down so I guess we’re like the only taco shop open around the block.”
In fact, Juan told us the protestors are stopping by before hitting the streets.

Across the street at the 76 gas station - we found Gideon Miller, an armed guard. 

“The issue is all the other stores around us have closed." Miller said. "And with the large numbers gathering in the streets if we're the only one open were gonna get over run."

Both Miller and Morales say so far, everyone has been respectful. 
Many businesses are expected to continue closing early through Sunday as protests are still planned.

*This is a developing story, 10News will continue to update throughout the weekend.