Deep freeze delays flights nationwide

Posted at 1:04 PM, Dec 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-19 16:04:56-05
SAN DIEGO -- Much of the country is in a deep freeze that is backing up flights during the busy holiday travel rush.
In Denver, many travelers had to wait several hours to board their flights because of the freezing weather conditions. Some had to stay at the airport overnight just to collect their luggage.
At Lindbergh Field, many travel times were changed and a couple of flights heading to the chilly states were delayed, but other than that, things were running smoothly Monday morning.
“I’m picking my son up,” said Steve Kimble while checking out flight time boards. “He’s coming down from Portland; he was delayed about an hour.”
Some San Diegans, like CJ Orndorff, were stuck in other states overnight because of the mess left behind at airports.
“It was a mess in Atlanta that’s for sure,” said Orndorff.  “It was pretty crazy there, the weather was nuts, the airport was packed, traffic.”
He said he was excited to be back home in sunny San Diego after a long night.
“Unfortunately because of weather we didn’t get off the ground for two hours. It caused me to miss my flight in Phoenix,” he said.
But others coming from snowy states say their flights went smoother than they expected.  
Emily Finch is home for the holidays from Rexburg, Idaho where she attends school at BYU.
“It was colder in Rexburg, Idaho than it is in Antarctica,” she said.
She headed over to Salt Lake City, Utah to catch a flight to San Diego.
“Everyone told me to get to the airport early because of the travel situation, but I got there early and was on board early so it was nice.”
Travelers are encouraged to check their flight times to prepare for potential delays. FLIGHT CHECKER