Dead cats found in freezer at hoarder's home

Posted at 7:46 PM, Jun 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-10 22:46:57-04

An infamous hoarder house in Mira Mesa is finally getting cleaned out.

Neighbors have been complaining about the home on Belgian Street off of Dewsbury Avenue for years.
"There's all kinds of filth, junk, trash," said a neighbor who lives nearby, but didn't want to give his name.

Pictures show every room in the house was piled high from floor to ceiling with boxes, garbage and other items.

After years of calls to the city and numerous citations; a court appointed receiver now has legal control and possession of the house. Friday afternoon, the San Diego Bomb Squad was called to confiscate a rocket launcher. This is the second time in a week they've been called to the house.

"They found live ammo, a couple other objects that are dangerous," said the neighbor. Neighbors describe the man who owns the home as extremely nice, but he has mental health issues.

There were also at least 20 cats living on the property. Animal control removed many of them, but police found several dead cats in the freezer.

"He would put them in the freezers, and cut them up, take the guts out and freeze them." White plastic bowls are all over the street. The neighbor said the owner comes to the house in middle of the night and feeds a remaining cat still somewhere on the property.

Clean up is expected to cost around $30,000. A lien will be put on the house until the owner pays the cost.  The owner is allowed to return to the property to salvage his belongings; otherwise, the house is considered unsafe.

His attorney says the man has indicated he wants to return to the home once the court deems its safe, neighbors hope he consents to a sale.