Dangerous levels of lead found in school drinking water

Posted at 11:48 PM, May 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-26 02:48:28-04

IB Charter West is the latest in a string of schools with dangerous amounts of lead in the water. Administration officials are telling students to not take a single sip.

"There's lead in the water and they don't know if its safe to drink," said 9-year-old Emilia Flynn.

She and her younger sister go to school nearby. But, many of those pipes are the same. Faculty at their school isn't taking any chances either.  

"They're handing out water bottles because they are testing the water," said Emilia. 
Wednesday night, IB Charter West sent out a letter to parents about the problem. It's similar to one's handed out at other lead-infested schools in Poway and San Diego school districts since January. 
But is it too late?
"We drink the water every day at that school and we don't know how long its been there."
The school has taken precautions like covering water fountains with trash bags and handing out water bottles.
But the same lead water running through the fountains is also found in the bathroom sinks. 
"I don't like washing my hands but I have to because either way, you'll get sick," said Emilia. 
South Bay Unified is still waiting on results from other schools in their district. A representative tells 10News once they get those results back they can figure out their long-term solutions.