Crews clean up over 100 downed trees in Chula Vista

Posted at 7:07 PM, Jan 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-22 22:08:54-05
CHULA VISTA (CNS) - More than 100 trees were toppled in Chula Vista during the recent storm, city officials reported Sunday, as they braced for another onslaught of rain.
"The City of Chula Vista was greatly impacted by Friday's storm," spokeswoman Diane Howell said. "Down power lines, fallen trees and large tree branches, flooding, gas leaks and blocked roadways made for a very hectic day for residents."
Another powerful storm was expected to affect the area again Sunday afternoon.
City staff have been working continuously around the clock throughout the city responding to the most severe damage locations first, according to Howell.
Some areas have been blocked with caution tape and crews will respond to those areas when time allows, she said.
"Special thanks goes to employees of the Chula Vista Public Works, police, fire, and police dispatchers, all who are working diligently to keep the city safe," Howell said.
Due to debris, fallen trees, flooding, and other hazards, the following city parks and locations will remain closed until further notice:
-- Rice Canyon
-- Lower Salt Creek Park restroom
-- Sunset View Park
-- Area 31 tennis courts
-- Terra Nova Park
-- Eucalyptus Park
-- Hilltop Park
-- Lauderbach Park
-- Rohr Park
-- Max fields
-- All Seasons Park
-- Chula Vista Community Park
-- Harvest Park
-- Santa Venetia Park
-- Voyager Park
-- Greg Rogers Park.