Couple fears man took their lost puppy

Posted at 11:20 PM, Jun 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-27 02:22:31-04

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (KGTV) --A San Diego couple is worried about the fate of their puppy after he escaped from their car on the way to the beach.

Cassie Aaron and Scott Estrada have printed more than a thousand flyers pleading with people to look for their 9-month-old Boxer puppy, Milagro.

Estrada says the puppy jumped out of their vehicle June 19 on their way to Fiesta Island from Pacific Beach. When they stopped at an intersection in Mission Bay, witnesses told him their puppy jumped out the back window.

"It's heartbreaking," Estrada said. "It was rolled down a little too far."

They circled back in less than five minutes but there was no sign of the puppy.

"He had his blue harness on, his blue leash, he was wearing his collar, an orange and silver collar with a name tag," Estrada said. "So it would have been easy for somebody to grab the leash."

The tips they've received from the fliers have indicated sightings of Milagro all over town, with the same person each time.

"They've been sighted in Ocean Beach, Presidio Park, the Old Town trolley station, and same description of the same person with him," Estrada said. "A transient male, tall, white, with blonde dreadlocks."

They now worry a homeless person has taken their puppy as his own.

"Devastating," Estrada said. "I mean, some of the hardest, most heartbreaking thing I've ever gone through."

The fear is hard to handle for Aaron, who is diagnosed with depression and has been having anxiety attacks.

"Milagro sleeps on top of me when I'm freaking out," she said. "He kind of acts as a weighted blanket for me. He's been life changing."

Aaron says they can provide proof of ownership through veterinarian bills, vaccinations, and countless photos. She also says they are offering a $1000 reward for anyone who brings Milagro back to them.

"No questions asked. We just want him back," Aaron said. "A thousand dollar reward no matter what."

She says they have another dog at home, who has not been eating since Milagro went missing.

"There's nothing more important in this world to me right now," Estrada said. "He's my baby."

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