Supervisor proposes gondola skyway for San Diego

Posted at 4:56 PM, Feb 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-29 20:58:06-05

San Diego County Supervisor Ron Roberts said he thinks his proposed skyway will be built before a new football stadium for the San Diego Chargers.

Roberts recently unveiled an artist rendering video of a skyway carrying San Diegans in red gondolas from the Gaslamp Trolley Station all the way to Balboa Park.

"I want it tomorrow," Roberts said.

The supervisor said he's been working on the idea for years. He said the gondola skyway is perfect for San Diego.

"You have to show them there's a vision out there that really works," he said of his roughly $65 million proposal. "All of our studies show that perhaps a million riders a year the first year of operation."

Roberts added the skyway would cut greenhouse emissions, decrease traffic and is cheaper than other forms of public transportation. He said state and federal government officials have already expressed interest in helping get it done.

Roberts is so confident that he said, "I think the skyway will be done before the stadium."

Roberts told 10News he's also working on plans for multiple skyway routes.

"Once we see this happen, we're going to see it happen in a whole lot of different places," he said. "Perhaps another skyway that could get people from Moreno Boulevard, where a new trolley station would be … out to Pacific Beach."