Drive-thru testing site ordered to close reopens downtown

Posted at 4:41 PM, Apr 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-25 13:02:07-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) – A former North County drive-thru testing site that was ordered to close is now back open in a new location downtown. This Friday, spokesperson Matt Collins with COVID Clinic gave 10News a tour of the new drive-thru testing location near the Civic Center.

Last week, San Diego County ordered the closure of COVID Clinic's drive-thru location at MiraCosta College in Cardiff, which was offering antibody and nasal swab testing.

According to a letter from the County, the clinic had failed to provide necessary credentials and certifications and failed to submit test results, as required. The company says it has addressed all issues from health officials and is cleared to reopen.

“San Diego County Health Department wants all results including [inconclusive results] and negatives and their guidelines were actually to report within one hour of results which is very quick and so we reported all the results we got last week and we've been given instructions that we can report them on a daily basis here,” said Collins.

When asked about community members who’ve questioned the legitimacy of the company’s testing, Collins responded in part, “We’re happy to answer their questions.” He went on to add, “These aren't typical times and because of that the pace at which we have to keep up with regulation and compliance is a much faster pace but we're very confident that we're fully compliant at this time.”

No doctor referrals are needed for testing at the COVID Clinic. It’s currently offering nasal swab testing with results available in two to three days. Collins said it’ll begin offering antibody testing next week with results available in 10 minutes. Both tests are reportedly priced at $125.

Collins said COVID Clinic will issue refunds to any patients who were charged but didn’t receiving testing at the former North County site.

Below is a statement provided to 10News by the County on Friday.

“San Diego County Public Health is aware of the clinic’s reopening. At this point in time, the County does not ‘approve’ or ‘clear’ these operations, they are under the regulatory authority of CDPH LFS which has indicated that they have no issues with this provider offering the PCR testing. We reminded the provider about their regulatory and reporting responsibilities, which they previously had not met. Their previous failure to meet these guidelines led to the closure of activities in Cardiff. We shall see if they meet them in the future, and if they do not, we will refer to LFS, or to the FDA, or to our District Attorney for action as needed.”