College Area gym inspiring service members, community

Posted at 7:45 PM, Dec 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-14 22:57:50-05

Military service members, spouses, and veterans are flocking to a gym in the college area.

It is called Fitness is My Sickness. It is not uncommon for people to show up upset, but a dose of "Coach D" seems to snap them out of it. 

Jenna Lockett said the former cop is a tough coach. 

"She takes prisoners!" Lockett added. "She pushes us to the ultimate."

Lockett says she saw a lot during her time in the Navy, and the gym has helped her push through. More trying times came as she became a military spouse and was alone for long periods of time.

"I suffered a miscarriage," Locket explained. "It was just difficult to go through it by myself."

Lockett said the pain ate away at her, and she coped by over eating. That's some she and Coach D have in common. 

Danielle King, who goes by Coach D at the gym, had a similar response when the Navy moved her family and she had to give up her police career.

"I kind of lost who I was, but I found it in fitness," King said.

She shed 40 pounds and packed on the muscle and the pride. Then, she started competing in and placing in bikini competitions.

"Then, I realized I want to start this for other women," she said. 

Coach D started Fitness is My Sickness, an all women gym. 

"It's a safe zone," Coach D explained. "They don't have to worry about going to other gyms and people looking (at them) or not having the right outfit on."

Jenna Lockett lost 55 pounds after six months of working out at the gym. She said the all-female environment made a huge difference.

"We're always constantly pushing each other and motivating each other," Lockett said. 

Now, she would not mind gaining some a few pounds.

"I finally feel ready again and strong enough to start a family," Lockett said.

Her husband is too.

"He's happy to see me again and (see) me happy again and just being Jenna… just being me," Lockett added with a big smile. "He can't keep his hands off me right now!"

The gym also caters to women with children, with an onsite daycare. Coach D says that way, there are no excuses about missing a workout. 

The gym costs $55 a month with a $30 enrollment fee.