Woman searches for witnesses in her dog's attack

Posted at 6:31 PM, Mar 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-22 22:18:02-04

SAN DIEGO - For the second time in recent weeks, a dog behind a fence mauled a family's pet while they were simply taking a walk.

This time, it was a Clairemont father and his 4-year-old who watched a German shepherd chew up half of their dog's face.

Grace Fantaroni's cocker spaniel rescue Mila is slowly getting back to her old playful self.

"She is still very scared and nervous around people now and dogs," said Fantaroni.

In February, Fantaroni's husband and four-year-old son took Mila on a walk through their neighborhood. Mila was on a leash, but Fantaroni said a neighbor's German shepherd attacked Mila through a fence.

"There was a tiny hole and the way the dog was apparently able to push against the fence made it bigger," said Fantaroni. "So he was able to stick his head out and grab her. The only reason she got away was literally because a chunk of half of her face got ripped off."

"I started crying, my daughter started crying, my husband and son came down, they were crying; it was so dramatic," Fantaroni added.

MIla had to have surgery, and the veterinarian bill was close to $3,000.

Fantaroni said the other dog owner's insurance company told her it's her word against theirs unless she has witnesses.

Now, Fantaroni is looking for a young couple she believes saw everything.

"In the chaos, we didn't get their information or number," she said.

Fantaroni hopes all dog owners will take responsibility.

"It is a problem when there's a hole, your dog is aggressive and it hurts someone," said Fantaroni. "I said, 'Thank God it was just a dog and not a person or not a kid.'"

Animal control officers investigated but did not cite the German shepherd's owner.