Clairemont man searches for owner of lost phone

Posted at 6:13 PM, Jan 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-20 21:13:44-05

A Clairemont man is on a quest to find the owner of a cell phone he found while out on a walk last weekend.

Jason Moreau said he was surprised to find a cell phone on the ground while walking his dog near Sequoia Elementary School Sunday night.

"It was just sitting on the grass, face up," said Moreau. "There's actually a photo of kids that go to Madison High."

The wallpaper photo shows three teens in football attire. The phone is a blue Alcatel One Touch, and it has a maroon case.

"I'm sure they still have people's info, pictures, all that stuff they need," he said.

Moreau said he called the cell carrier, Metro PCS on Balboa Avenue, who referred him to customer service.

"It's an overseas customer service rep, and she told me to call 911," said Moreau. "I kind of laughed and chuckled a little bit. I asked her why she thinks I should call 911, she said, 'Because it's lost.'"

A found cell phone is clearly not an emergency. In fact, the city of San Diego posted good and bad reasons to call 911 on its website. Some good reasons include when someone's hurt or if there's a fire. Bad reasons include if your dog runs away or your bike is stolen.

"I said, 'There are bigger things than a lost cell phone, I was hoping you guys can help me out,'" he said.

Moreau posted to social media sites like Nextdoor in hopes of finding the owner.

"I hope whoever's phone this is sees this," he said.

Moreau told 10News if no one comes forward, he'll either leave it at Metro PCS or take it to the police, but he won't call 911.

If you know who owns the phone, you can contact Moreau directly at

10News called and emailed Metro PCS regarding the phone, but has not yet received a response.