City races to fill potholes ahead of storms

Oak Park pothole damages three cars Wednesday
Posted at 7:38 PM, Feb 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-22 22:38:33-05

OAK PARK - Three different drivers fell victim to a pothole in Oak Park Wednesday morning.

"It scared me," said Sheneta Bryant. "I was like what was that and all of a sudden I heard boom!"

John Scarvilla says when he hit it he thought he had a blowout in his tire. It apparently happens a lot on that stretch of road near Euclid and 54th. 
"A few friends just north at the Arco station hit it just before me," said Scarvilla.
Sheneta Bryant is not happy with the damage to her car.
"It messed up the front of my car. Tire popped, the rim is bent and then shortly after like 20 minutes later this gentleman came with his car, then another gentleman over there."
So they spent their morning comparing the damage and figuring out how to make repairs.
"We're just here trying to fix our flat tires, get an incident report number and hopefully the city will replace our problems quickly," said Scarvilla. 
San Diego Police came to check it out and used a ruler to measure the hole that they say was four to five inches deep. According to the city's Get It Done app, there were four complaints filed Tuesday for that hole alone. Even though it was filled late Wednesday morning, some drivers don't think the holes are being fixed properly.
"It is a solution if they do the job right," said George Ayala. "They have to come out and do the right job. I think in an emergency they do the best they could. They didn't send the proper instruments to fix it."
In the meantime, those dealing with the damage don't think they should foot the bill.
10 News reached out to the city to see if there is any way drivers can get reimbursed for damages incurred from driving on city roads. We are still waiting to hear back.