City may force auto shop to erase its new mural

Posted at 4:15 PM, Sep 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-20 22:18:52-04

A Poway auto shop's effort to beautify its neighborhood is being met with a thumbs down from the city. 

It wants the business to paint over its life-size mural.

But Wow Auto Care owner Dave Pike said the fight's more about the art. He says the shop's location isn't on Poway's most exciting street.

"People call it run down, and just kind of bland," Pike said. 

So he did something about it. Pike spent about $5,000 and hired an artist to build a mural that spans a wall of his shop, facing Poway Road. The mural has classic cars, people working in the shop, palm trees and simulates a garage. 

"I would get phone calls just to compliment the mural," Pike said. 

But he also got a letter from the city of Poway that wasn't so friendly. It said Wow Auto Care should have gotten a permit for the mural. It doesn't match with the building's previously approved color scheme. It's ordering the shop to paint over the mural, and restore the shop to its previous look - white walls.

"It'd be a real downer to have to paint over this with all white paint," Pike said. 

Pike's appealing the order at the Poway City Council meeting Tuesday. 

He said it would especially sting because the project included some of his favorite things - his dream car - a 1967 Chevelle, the American flag, and Taz, his daughter Taylinn's 12-year-old Chocolate Lab and best friend.

"He's been since I was born and it's just nice seeing him there," said Taylinn, 7.

Those who are finally turning their heads on Poway Road may agree.