City could hike summer camp prices

Posted at 6:52 AM, Apr 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-12 09:53:07-04

Finding activities for your kids when they're out of school this summer can be expensive.

Just a quick Google search and you see some day camps charging hundreds of dollars a week. But the city of Solana Beach runs one of the more affordable programs, right atop its coastal bluffs. The city hasn't raised prices in more than a decade.

That could all change Wednesday when the Solana Beach City Council meets. It's going to consider hiking the weekly rate from $106 to $120 for residents, and from $123 to $140 non-residents. The city says it still beats some private organizations and neighboring cities, but it has to hike the price because costs are going up - including minimum wage.

Solana Beach mom Alexis Conerty sends her two kids to the camp every year, and says she's happy to pay the extra cost.

"My kids come home exhausted, filthy and starving, and I know that's money well spent," she said. 

But resident Micaela Ramirez, who plans to send her daughter this year, said it could price out some people.

"You're only going to have families that can afford it, but what about the families that can't but would love to send their kids to the camps?" she said. 

Cities all over the county offer camps, from Chula Vista to Poway to San Marcos. The fees often depend on the theme of the camp - so sports would be more affordable than one with field trips. Also, residents of the city that puts on the camp often get a discount. 

Some organizations, such as the YMCA, offer scholarships to families who qualify.