Left or right? Ocean Beach traffic signs baffle locals

More than a dozen arrows point both ways
Posted at 7:19 PM, Jul 11, 2017

OCEAN BEACH, Calif. (KGTV) - The City of San Diego will replace several traffic caution signs in Ocean Beach Wednesday after 10News showed the city how confusing the arrows could be to drivers.

More than a dozen yellow and black caution arrows at the corner of Coronado and Bacon are pointing in different directions.

“I mean, it’s very confusing,” said Leah Lipson.

“Oh my God this is crazy,” said Andy LeBarron, who posted a picture of the arrows on Facebook. “I was just blown away.  I went, ‘What was that?’”

Drivers can see arrows pointing left and right as they approach the curve from either direction.

“Which way am I going?” joked LeBarron.

10News Reporter Joe Little sent the City of San Diego a picture of the arrows Tuesday. A city spokesman did some digging and admitted the signs were installed incorrectly in May. He said a city crew would correct the arrows Wednesday.

The curve could pose a hazard if someone did navigate the curve incorrectly. The giant arrow signs sit in front of a chain link fence that keeps people from falling off of Sunset Cliffs.

“It’s kind of obvious but that’s just like ridiculous,” said LeBarron.

10News couldn’t find any accidents caused by the arrows but LeBarron said someone did die after driving off the curve a couple years ago.