Cinder blocks left in the middle of I-8 lanes

CHP warns drivers to be aware
Cinder blocks left in the middle of I-8 lanes
Cinder blocks left in the middle of I-8 lanes
Posted at 11:15 PM, Feb 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-06 08:28:01-05

ALPINE, Calif. (KGTV) -- At least four drivers on Interstate 8 experienced the same, terrifying moment as they crashed into something left on the road. 

California Highway Patrol officials told 10News the items have all been cinder blocks. 

Now, the drivers are dealing with thousands of dollars in damage -- and in some cases, cars that are no longer functional. 

Over at CHP, the concern is that someone may be dropping off the cinder blocks deliberately, targeting drivers. 

One of the victims agreed to talk to 10News, but she was too afraid to show her face on camera. 

"You can see that the door was kind of pushed in a little bit so that it doesn't really shut anymore," said Autumn. "And then right there, the fender is bent." 

Autumn was driving westbound on I-8 near Alpine when she hit something in the road around midnight, the loud thump shaking her car and nearly causing her to lose control. 

Her car is wrecked. 

"It obviously hit right here," she said, pointing toward the shattered tire. "You can see the scratches and my bumper is not all the way on." 

A CHP officer was in the area when it happened, and drove over to help Autumn on the shoulder. 

She was shocked when the officer told her she wasn't the first person to hit a cinder clock on that stretch of the interstate. 

"He knew that there must have been another accident because it was in the exact same spot," she said. "That's when they informed me that they knew what it was and he had his partner go out and look for (the cinder block)." 

CHP says there have been at least four similar accidents -- all involving cinder blocks, all near the Dunbar Lane exit and all at night. 

They're not sure who's doing it -- but Autumn fears that if it doesn't stop -- someone will get killed. 

"You can get hurt or other people can get hurt, it can cause more cars to crash," she said. "I mean I was confused because who does that? How do you come up with that and why? Why would somebody do that?" 

CHP has increased patrols in the area. Now they're asking anyone with information to call them.