Stranded motorist helped off Coronado Bridge by CHP, arrested on DUI after crash

Driver never hit the breaks
Posted at 3:04 PM, Mar 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-15 20:54:10-04

BARRIO LOGAN, Calif. (KGTV)--A car crashed into a Barrio Logan home Wednesday morning after the California Highway Patrol helped a stranded motorist, who eventually was arrested on DUI charges, get off the Coronado Bay Bridge. 

The incident happened after CHP received a call of a disabled car on eastbound lanes of the bridge.

Since the vehicle was blocking the fast lane, the responding officer decided to help the driver by giving him a push off the bridge and onto the surrounding streets.

The car was being pushed uphill and the officer said he gave the driver enough of a push to get him up the crest. The driver then started to coast with the officer still behind him. 

That's when the man failed to hit the brakes, blew through a stop sign and fence and crashed into the outdoor stairwell of a home. The crash crippled two beams supporting the stairway leading to the upstairs unit of the home, trapping the residents inside. 

San Diego Fire-Rescue responded to the scene and the injured driver was transported to the hospital in a neck brace.

The driver, Aneel Nasir of El Cajon, was arrested on suspicion of DUI. 

A resident of the upstairs unit told 10News, he's not sure why the driver crashed into the home - or why officers allowed it to happen. 

CHP said officers push disabled cars all of the time, to make sure they get to a safe spot on the road. They wanted to make it clear that an officer would never have never pushed the driver if it was obvious that he was drunk. 

The case is now under investigation. 

This isn't the first time alleged drunk drivers have caused damage to the Barrio Logan community.

Richard Sepolio, a 24-year-old Navy sailor, is accused of being under the influence of alcohol last fall when he flew his GMC pickup truck off the bridge ramp onto a group of celebrants at Chicano Park. Four people lost their lives.

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