Chargers stadium proposal draws strong reaction

Posted at 12:13 PM, Mar 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-30 18:35:30-04

Only one thing was certain about the Chargers downtown stadium plan Wednesday, it was divisive. Here was some of the local reaction to the proposal.  

Mayor Kevin Faulconer said: "After more than a decade, the Chargers are putting forward a plan of their own and San Diegans may finally have the ultimate say on a new stadium in November. The convention center element makes this proposal more than a stadium and the long term future of San Diego's tourism economy is now intertwined in this plan. As always, my top priorities are to protect jobs, protect taxpayers and do what's right for all San Diegans. I will evaluate the proposal's details through that lens."

Councilman Todd Gloria said: "I want the Chargers to stay, just like most San Diegans do, but not at any price. My understanding of the Chargers' proposal is limited to what they published today. After briefly reviewing the document, I have many questions about how this plan will impact the City and its residents. Like every taxpayer, I look forward to hearing from the team's owner how the details of this deal advance the public's interests. Ultimately, professional football is a private business and voters should consider the Chargers' stadium plan accordingly."