Chargers, Marines face off in video game contest

Posted at 6:41 PM, May 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-24 21:41:16-04

Some San Diego Chargers players went from the football field to the digital battlefield Tuesday in a friendly competition with local Marines.

Pro vs. G.I. Joe connects star athletes with servicemen and women, and on Tuesday at Chargers Park, players and Marines faced off in a game of "Call of Duty."

The event was also livestreamed so a soldier in Kuwait could join in.

The light-hearted screams from the players quickly revealed the Marines had the upper hand.

Lance Cpl. Kimion Guilford, who was among the Marines who took part, said, "They are local celebrities."

One of his favorite parts of the football games is the National Anthem.

"I still get chills," Guilford added.

Charger Sean Lissemore feels the same on the field, saying, "I always just think of how thankful I am for where I'm at, how great this country is and how lucky we are to be doing and a lot of the thanks goes to the people that allows us to play that game."

Lissemore grew up hearing World War II stories from his grandfathers. He was celebrating his Sept. 11 birthday near New York on 9/11.

"My dream was to play football, but my other dream was to do something in the military," Lissemore added. "I feel the easier route is football."

Guildford said he signed up knowing he risks making the ultimate sacrifice.

That is a mentality Chargers rookie Joey Bosa looks up to.

"I'm not strong enough to make a sacrifice like that," Bosa said. "To see people do something amazing like that … you obviously have to thank them as much as you can."

"I feel good," Guilford explained. "Like I'm the best thing walking."

He is proud to fight, so others can play.