Chargers great reflects on move, effort to donate gear

Posted at 6:40 AM, Jan 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-14 09:40:51-05
Thousands of city's homeless may soon be in Chargers gear on the streets of San Diego.
10News reporter Bree Steffen was there as decades of memories were donated from those who don't want it to those who desperately need it.
Former Chargers linebacker Billy Ray Smith, voted by fans as one of the 50 greatest Chargers players of all time, said the team's recent departure is heartbreaking.
"It's the only team I ever played for," Smith said.
The Mighty 1090 called for fans to ditch Chargers gear so they can give it to homeless people. 
"No. It just makes me sadder. I know. Isn't that terrible," Smith said. "It's very emotional. And it hurts."
Quarlo McSwain said he feels the same.
"Yeah, it hurts," McSwain said. "I put it under my car. And I did a burn out, and then I watched, I think it was a Matthews jersey or whatever and it, hit it so hard it and the jersey flew out."
McSwain works for the Alpha Project. Now, his job will be to help give all the gear collected away.
"It'll keep people warm," McSwain said.
The marks of betrayal, however, are something he can't get rid of. 
"It's all tattooed all over my body, I'm in San Diego," McSwain said, showing a necks-worth of Chargers tattoos.
But it's something McSwain said he can overlook if it helps others. 
"It's not about me no more, it's about, you know, the people out there," McSwain said looking at a pile of collected jerseys, shirts, and other articles of clothing. "Somebody still wants it. It ain't me, I'm good."