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Booklet honors lost stories of Latino impact in San Diego

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Posted at 4:39 PM, Oct 14, 2021

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — Stories of contributions by Latinos to the San Diego community fill a booklet that's honoring their legacies and inspiring others.

The goal of the Latino Legacy Foundation is to keep the community thriving and teach future generations how their culture has impacted San Diego.

The foundation and the San Diego Union-Tribune combed through San Diego's history, going back more than a century to discover the untold and forgotten stories of Latinos in the region.

Stories of the grandfather of Chula Vista Mayor Mary Castillas Salas helped clear the land for Balboa Park. Or the grandfather of David Villarino Gonzalez helped form the group against the Lemon Grove School Board's effort to segregate classrooms.

"He organized 'El Comite de Vecinos y Obreros' and persuaded families in Lemon Grove to join together to win the campaign for educational equity and justice for the children of Lemon Grove," said Gonzalez.

The story of Gonzalez's grandfather and many others has been compiled into a multi-media booklet online (click here to read booklet).

San Diego Unified School District plans to use the booklet to teach students about San Diego's Latino history.