Cars on Fifth Avenue getting towed on weekends

Posted at 11:47 PM, Feb 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-04 02:47:26-05

A night out on the town in San Diego could cost you hundreds of dollars in towing fees if you're not paying attention. Some people feel the city's effort to fix one problem created another one.

Downtown's Gaslamp Quarter is the heartbeat of San Diego. Parking has always been a challenge but now some describe the scene as “chaotic”.

Last September a new city ordinance did away with all parking along Fifth Avenue from Harbor Drive to Broadway on Friday and Saturday nights. The idea was to make the popular stretch safer for pedestrians and easier access for emergency crews between 8 p.m.. and 3 a.m. 

Erica Reynoso is a restaurant hostess and sees everything happening along Fifth Avenue.

It's really sad because people are coming back dinner or leaving engagements and their car is gone," she said. "I see the people upset, women crying, men furious saying I paid the meter where does it say it?”

Friday night, 10News saw a long line of tow trucks watching and waiting until they can start towing the cars parked along Fifth Avenue.

There are signs, clearly warning violators will be towed. But inevitably, cars get towed every weekend.

Getting towed can get very expensive because police will give you a ticket and then there are the towing fees which can be costs hundreds of dollars.