Teen battling cancer receives special message

Posted at 6:40 PM, May 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-06 21:40:22-04

Ryan Wilcox, who has been battling cancer since he was three, was honored Friday in a special way at Grossmont High School.

Hollywood Actor Chris Evans, who plays Captain America, sent him a special message.

Ryan was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor at the age of three. Doctor’s said he wasn’t going to make it past the age of five. But at the age of seven years old, his tumor was removed in what, his mother, Amy Wilcox calls a miracle surgery. “Ryan has been a fighter his whole life,” said Amy Wilcox.

After nine years- his cancer was back. Last, year, he was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia. His mother explained, in the last 18 months, “blood transfusions, he’s probably had over a hundred.”

Ryan was able to have bone marrow transplants, after one of his sisters was a perfect match. After months of treatments and transfusions, doctors told the family this week, the transfusions weren’t working as they had hoped.

So Amy Wilcox reached out to Grossmont High School. The school organized a rally in his honor. Student and staff expressed love and support, “Just like Captain America, he has an army behind him, Ryan this is your army,” said one of his teachers.

Then Ryan’s hero, Captain America, also shared a few words in a video message. “Strength like yours inspires people like me, so thank you.”

Staff and friends at Grossmont High School tweeted and shared Facebook posts to make it all possible.

Through the power of social media, students made Ryan’s hero, a friend. “You are his hero,” said his mother, Amy Wilcox. “Because of your strength. I think we can all agree that that’s how we all feel.”