California Gov. Newsom proposes 28th Amendment to Constitution that would restrict gun access

Gavin Newsom
Posted at 7:35 AM, Jun 08, 2023

(KGTV) – California Gov. Newsom on Thursday proposed a new U.S. Constitution amendment to “end America’s gun violence crisis.”

Newsom’s proposal would create a 28th Amendment, and the governor said it would leave the 2nd Amendment intact but “will permanently enshrine four broadly supported gun safety principles into the U.S. Constitution.”

According to information released by Newsom’s office, the proposed restrictions include:

  • Raising the federal minimum age to purchase a firearm from 18 to 21
  • Mandating universal background checks to prevent truly dangerous people from purchasing a gun that could be used in a crime
  • Instituting a reasonable waiting period for all gun purchases
  • Barring civilian purchase of assault weapons that serve no other purpose than to kill as many people as possible in a short amount of time – weapons of war our nation’s founders never foresaw

Newsom said of his proposed amendment: “Our ability to make a more perfect union is literally written into the Constitution. So today, I’m proposing the 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution to do just that. The 28th Amendment will enshrine in the Constitution common sense gun safety measures that Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and gun owners overwhelmingly support — while leaving the 2nd Amendment unchanged and respecting America’s gun-owning tradition.”
For the new amendment to pass, a constitutional convention would need to convene. The convention would require two-thirds of the states to call for it.