Survey: California drivers among most courteous yet steal parking spots

Posted at 10:55 AM, Jul 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-17 13:57:31-04

(KGTV)--You may be surprised by the results of a new survey that says California drivers are among the more courteous in the nation, but they like to steal other drivers' parking spots.

Kars4Kids, a national nonprofit, questioned people in the 50 states about their driving behavior and discovered California was rated: 

  • 17th most polite state in the country 
  • 10th worst state for stealing people's parking spaces

California garnered an overall score of B from the organization that also asked questions such as, "how often do you signal?" and "would you let someone merge in front of you?"

It's all part of a newDrive Human campaign, designed to bring courtesy back to the road by reminding drivers they share the road with other humans, not cars. 

"When we get behind the wheel, the barrier of the car walls around us somehow allows us to behave in ways we would consider rude in ordinary interpersonal interactions," says Wendy Kirwan, the director of public relations for Kars4Kids, which created the awareness campaign. "We're showing drivers, 'look, you wouldn't do this if you were walking or shopping. Don't do it in your car either.'"


The campaign includes a quick quiz you can take to gain insight into your driving behavior and see what kind of driver you are.

Sandy Coronilla is a KGTV digital producer. Follow her @10NewsSandy