California considers getting rid of daylight saving time

Posted at 6:38 PM, Mar 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-14 12:23:45-04

A state lawmaker says Californians shouldn't go through the hassle of changing the clocks twice each year.

State assembly member Kansen Chu from San Jose is proposing a bill to eliminate the time change. He says the time changes cause a feeling like jet lag which we all deal with for a few days after springing forward or falling back.

Chu says there is always an uptick in workplace or traffic accidents right after the change - and time changes are hard for families because it's difficult for children to adjust in the evening.

But, what would the consequences be if the state got rid of daylight saving time? 

Parks and recreation departments across the state want California to keep daylight saving. They say the extra hour of daylight means they don't have to turn the lights on as early, which makes for a lower electricity bill. A need to run the lights longer could mean a need for raised fees. 

It could also hit sports leagues hard.

Lawrence Cruz is a member of an adult softball league in Santee. He's worried leagues will have to charge more to pay the power bill.

Those costs could be passed on to the thousands of adults and families who play organized sports.
Cruz hopes that the state leaves daylight saving time as it is.