Business owner warns about counterfeit bills

Posted at 10:34 PM, Mar 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-28 01:34:41-04

The owner of a comic store in Ocean Beach is warning other retailers to look out for counterfeit cash.

David Draize, the owner of Galactic Comics, says a customer came in Friday night looking for Batman items.

"He made his choice very quickly,  didn't even blink at the price, first thing is just wanted to get the transaction done very quickly," said Draize.

When the customer tried to pay for the $65 figure with a $100 bill, he examined it closely, as he does all large bills.

"First you examine for the watermark, second you examine for the strip, look on the back make sure it's visible from both sides which it was," Draize said. "However, it did have, again the synthetic weight to it and this clear coating so (I gave) it a third test with the pen."

Draize drew a line on the bill using the security pen. If a bill is counterfeit, the line should turn black, but it remained yellow.

Still, Draize was suspicious.

"It had kind of an icy clear coating like Elsa from Frozen threw up on it." he said. "And the weight and texture seemed very synthetic and artificial."

The customer said he didn't have ID or any smaller bills. When Draize said he was calling the police, the man ran out of the store.

Draize is worried the next retailer might fall for it.

"With comic books, we're used to handling and looking at different types of paper and as a store owner too, I just don't want to take a fake $100 bill, I need that money to pay my rent and my staff," said Draize.

The Secret Service is expected to pick up the bill and the surveillance footage on Tuesday afternoon.